City Collector

It is the intent of the City of Concordia’s government to collect unpaid taxes.  Section 130.100 of the City Code of Concordia outlines when and how suit may be brought for back taxes, and Section 130.110 assigns the capability for sale of property for back tax payment. 


We request your immediate payment of these taxes, or please contact the City Collector at (660) 463-2228, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to make arrangements for payment of these taxes.  Payments may be placed in the night drop and receipts will be mailed upon your request.

 The following owe taxes to the City of Concordia:

 Abney, Brian

 Allen, Foster
 Allen, Patricia
 Baldwin, Jacob L.
 Ballenger, Cody A.
 Basye, Justin k. & Leslie (Myers)

 Bennett, Tiffanie

 Bermudez, Fredy

 Blemings, Robert

 Boehmer, Matt L.
 Brown, Matt & Jodi
 Brown, Stephen A.
 Brown, Tawon P.
 Bruns, Chad
 Bruns, Cassandra L
 Bruns, Pamela S.

 Burrow, Gloria
 Caldwell, Garret S.
 Caldwell, Landy W.
 Chinn, Phillip
 Chronister, Kimberly
 Colborn, Cassandra M.
 Collins, Keith & Emily
 Cowell, William P & Julia D
 Cox, Isaiah L
 Crayton, Sharon L.
 Curfman, Kathleen S.
 Dankenbring, Tyler M.
 DePee, Savana

 Dierker, Dale
 Dillon, Logan W.

 Donnell, Dallas
 Donnell, Ricky E. & Nanette L.
 Donnell, Joshua Kelly
 Dotson, Joyce L.
 Eaton, Kellie J.
 Eckley, Misty A.
 Elam, Katlin J.
 Fetterling, Tina or Rice, Cheryl

 Fischer, Kylie
 Foote, Melissa M.
 Frerking, Alic R. & Chelsea A. (Schick)
 Frerking, Pamela Kay
 Frerking, Patrick L.
 Friend, Brian 

 Garrett, Bonita
 Garrison, Timothy L

 Goolsby, Chelsie R
 Green, Karen L.
 Hall, Roger

 Hanesworth, Terry
 Harfield, Thomas
 Hartman, William S (Oberg)
 Hass, Katherine E.
 Heath, Stacy
 Hemme, Ben R.
 Heimsoth, Jacob H.
 Heineken, Francis IV
 Heineken, Frances & Tamara
 Hilbrenner, Eric J.

 Hilbrenner, Morgan
 Hinck, Damien A.
 Hinck, Ethan P.
 Hoeflicker, Brenda (Elling)
 Iliff, Kenneth W. Jr..
 Ivey, Carlee J.
 Jacobson, Kellie S.
 Jerden Foods Inc.
 Johnson, David W.
 Johnson, Diane M.

 Johnson, James Richard
 Jones, Kathryn
 Kelly, Tamera
 Kloeppel, Dustin M. & Heidi R. (Barnhill)

 Lange, Ben
 Looney, Michael S.
 Luetjen, Stephanie L.
 Mahurin, Jason D. & Courtney R.
 Marlin, Russell F. & Jessica R. (Workman)
 Marth, Jennifer

 Meyers, Tiffany

 Miller, Alyssa D.
 Mitchell, Cody A.

 Morrison, Daniel

 Morrison, Daniel

 Mueller, Joseph
 Myers, Derek D.
 Neal, Dustin O.
 Norris, Shandra B.

 Pennington, Roy F. Fiene, Rachelle L
 Ratliff, Jordan D.
 Roepe, Adam

 Sandefur, Richard A.
 Sandefur, Robert R. & Robbie L.

 Small, Danielle

 Small, David & Judy

 Stringer, Jody

 Taylor, Budd R.
 Tewell, Vickie L.

 Todd, Robert G

 Toole, Brady

 Valdez, Natasha
 Wagner, Kylie L.
 Welfin, John F. & Janis
 Wilckens, Ben A.
 Wilckens, Malinda K.

 Wod, Samantha N.
 Wood, Taralee