Behind the Badge


Individual items on the badge represent the virtue of being a Concordia Police Officer. Alone and of themselves they would just be another symbol, but when they are all together they have great meaning and provide strength. The same is true for all Officers of the Concordia Police Department. Individually we would struggle and be just another person; however, our commitment to each other acknowledges that we can accomplish anything together as a team.

Badge Details

Chief Badge


The shape of the badge is a shield. It represents the reflection of harm as we go into harm’s way, just as Concordia Police Officers are shields for the protection of all citizens.


The eagle at the top of the badge represents the freedoms and the rights that we, Concordia Police Officers, have sworn to uphold and protect


The upward spreading wings support the banner that reads Concordia symbolizing the rights, freedoms, and laws are a major part in the infrastructure of the City of Concordia.


The eagle rests on the word Police in the blue banner as a symbol of how the City of Concordia and its infrastructure has the full support of the Concordia Police Department.

Blue Coloring

The blue coloring of the banner represents the thin blue line that Concordia Police Officers maintain between law and order and anarchy.


The wreaths on each edge signify courage, honor, and commitment that are cornerstone traits of a Concordia Police Officer.

Badge Number

The badge number rocker under the Missouri State Seal is indicative that we as individuals are just as important to this team as those we support. It cradles the Missouri State Seal representing our individual support of the laws of the State of Missouri and ordinances of the City of Concordia.

Wrapped Title

Our title wrapping around the bottom of the badge represents how we will uplift and support each other, the Department, the City of Concordia, and the State of Missouri.


A person cannot wear a badge just because they did not get another job; people behind the badge wear it because they want it and are willing to put service before themselves.