City of Concordia Municipal Court
$27.50 Court Costs      Fingerprints Fine Pay Prior? Excess Rev
Offense Ord. No. Ord. No./OCN        
Fire Prevention and Protection-All Fireworks Regulations in City Limits 203.020. ORDIN.0-273N20005599.0 N $32.50 No No
     Burning in Streets or Gutters Prohibited 203.030. ORDIN.0-026N20002999.0 N $32.50 No No
Storage of Explosives in City limits 203.040. 320.136-001420045599.0 Y $130.50 No No
Animal Regulations-Nuisances by running loose/noise disturb.  205.060. ORD578.0-005N20215599.0 N $50.50 Yes No
     Vicious Dogs (Attacking or threatening behavior) 205.065. ORDIN.0-006N20005599.0 N $65.50 No No
     Vicious Dogs Prohibited (unless confined and muzzled) 205.080. ORDIN.0-006N20005599.0 N $65.50 No No
     Interference with Enforcement 205.090. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $65.50 No No
     Licenses required for dogs and cats 205.110. ORD578.0-004N20215599.0 N $50.50 Yes No
     Number of Animals Restricted 205.170. ORDIN.0-007N20005599.0 N $32.50 Yes No
     Livestock or farm animals restricted 205.270. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $32.50 Yes No
     Animal Neglect or Abandonment 205.310. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $65.50 No No
     Animal Trespass 205.315. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $32.50 No No
     Animal Abuse 205.320. ORDIN.0-002Y20005599.0 Y $65.50 No No
     Knowingly Releasing an Animal without Consent of Owner 205.330. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $65.50 No No
Offenses Against the Person-Assault 210.120. ORDIN.0-009y20001399.0 Y $225.50 No No
     Domestic Violence 210.130. ORDIN.0-010Y20001399.0 Y $255.50 No No
     Harrassment 210.150. 557.035-007Y19993599.0 Y $130.50 No No
     Endangering Welfare of Child 210.180. 575.145-001Y20164899.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Leaving a Child Unattended in Vehicle 210.190. 568.052-002Y20005599.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Identity Theft 210.200. 570.233-005Y20042699.0 Y $320.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Administration of Justice-Concealing an Offense 210.300. 575.020-002Y19755099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Hindering Prsoecution 210.310. 575.030-002Y19755099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Refusal to ID as a Witness 210.320. 575.190-001N19754899.0 N $320.50 No No
     Disturbing a Judicial Proceeding 210.330. 575.250-001Y19755099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Tampering w/ Witness or Victim 210.340. 575.270-002Y20165099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Tampering with Physical Evidence 210.350. 575.100-002Y20165099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Improper Communication 210.360. 575.290-001Y20105099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     False Impersonation 210.370. 575.120-002Y20105099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     False Reports 210.380. 575.080-001Y20104899.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Resist/Interfere W/ Arrest 210.390. ORDIN>0-338Y20004899.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Escape Attempt 210.400. 575.200-003Y19754999.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Interfere W/ Legal Process 210.410. 575.160-001Y20105099.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Refuse to Obey Signals From ER Personnel 210.420. 575.145-001Y20164899.0 Y $200.00 No No
Public Safety-Abandonment of Airtight or Semi-Airtight Container 210.520. 577.100-001N19755599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Littering / Yard Waste Site Violation 210.530. ORDIN.0-169Y20005599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Tampering w/water supply 210.550. 569.080-001y19492999.0 Y $65.50 No No
     Sidewalks not kept clean 210.570. ORDIN.0-272N20005399.0  N $65.50 No Yes
     Offensive Matter Upon Streets 210.580. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Unsafe Conditions 210.590. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Unsafe Sidewalks 210.600. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $65.50 No Yes
Offenses Concerning Public Peace-Public Peace Disturbance 210.670. ORDIN.0-272N20005399.0 N $130.50 No No
     Private Peace Disturbance 210.680. 571.010-002Y20105399.0 Y $130.50 No No
     Unlawful Assembly 210.690. 574.040-001Y20105399.0 Y $130.50 No No
     Rioting 210.700. 574.050-001Y19755399.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Refusal to Disperse 210.710. 574.060-001N19755399.0 N $130.50 No No
     Disorderly Conduct 210.720. ORDIN.0-274N20005399.0 N $160.50 No No
     Disrupt House of Worship 210.730. 574.035-003Y20125399.0 Y $160.50 No No
     Unlawful Funeral Protest Prohibited 210.740. 574.160-002Y20145399.0 Y $160.50 No No
     Panhandling/Soliciting Money 210.750. 325.015-001N19737399.0 N $65.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Weapons & Firearms-Unlawful Use of Weapon 210.840. ORDIN.0-336Y20005299.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Possess Certain Weapons 210.850. 571.020-002Y19755299.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Defacing Firearm 210.860. 571.045-001Y19755299.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Unlawful Transfer of Weapons 210.890. 571.060-002Y19755299.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Carrying a Conceaaled Weapon 210.900. 571.030-014Y20145299.0 Y $255.50 No No
     Discharging Weapon 210.920. 571.030-010Y20145299.0 Y $115.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Property-Tampering 210.1030. ORDIN.0-332Y20002999.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Property Damage 210.1040. ORDIN.0-283Y20002999.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Trespassing 210.1060. ORDIN.0-284N20165799.0 N $95.50 No No
     Trespass in Second Degree 210.1070. 569.150-001N20035707.0 N $65.50 No No
     Trespass of a School Bus 210.1080. 569.155-001Y20105799.0 Y $95.50 No No
     Reckless Burning or Exploding 210.1090. 569.060-001Y20102099.0 Y $95.50 No No
     Negligent Burning or Exploding 210.1100. ORDIN.0-027N20002099.0 N $95.50 No No
     Stealing 210.1110. ORDIN.0-329Y20002399.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Theft of Fuel 210.1120. 570.030-002Y20032699.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Exploit Elderly or Disabled 210.1140. 570.145-005Y20032699.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Fradulent Use of Credit Card Device 210.1150. ORDIN.0-100Y20002699.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Deceptive Business Practice 210.1160. 407.020-001Y19672699.0 Y $130.50 No No
     Alter or Remove Item Numbers w/ Intent to Deprive Lawful Owner 210.1170. 570.085-001Y20022899.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Fail to Return Rental Property 210.1180. ORDIN.0-053Y20002899.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Passing bad Check 210.1190. ORDIN.0-099Y20002699.0 Y $130.50 No No
     Shoplifting 210.1200. ORDIN.0-330Y20102999.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Metal Keg Prohibted by Scrap Dealer 210.1220. 407.301-001Y20152699.0 Y $65.50 No No
     Metal Belonging to Various Entities-Scrap Yard Not to Purchase 210.1230. 301.225-004N19865499.0 N $65.50 No No
     Obstruction on Public Places 210.1250. ORDIN.0-267N20005499.0 N $65.50 No No
     Awnings and Signs Erected Over Streets Without Permission 210.1260. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $35.50 No No
     Placing Posters, Etc. on Buildings 210.1270. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $35.50 No No
Sexual Offenses-Sexual Misconduct 210.1510. 566.093-002Y20131199.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Sex Offenders Near Child Care 210.1530. 566.148-001Y20093699.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Sex Offender Near School 210.1540. 566.149-001Y20063699.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Halloween Violation Sex Offender 210.1550. 589.426-001Y20083699.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Furnish Porn to Minors 210.1690. 573.040-002Y19873799.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Public Display of Sexual Material 210.1700. 573.060-002Y19873799.0 Y $320.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Drugs-Possession of Marijuana 210.1800. ORDIN.0-076Y20003599.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Possession of Controlled Substance 210.1810. ORDIN.0-079Y20003599.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Unlawful Use of Drug Paraphernalia 210.1830. ORDIN.0-077Y20003599.0 Y $290.50 No No
     Inhalation of Solvents Prohibited 210.1840. 195.226-001Y19983599.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Induce or Possess w/ Intent to Induce Solvents Prohibited 210.1850. 578.255-003Y19825599.0 Y $320.50 No No
     Possess or Purchase Solvents 210.1860. 578.260-002Y20095599.0 Y $320.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Minors-Parental Responsibility 210.1980. ORDIN.0-347Y20003899.0 Y $130.50 No No
Offenses Concerning Tobacco-Selling Tobacco to Minors 210.2105. 407.931-001N20015599.0 N $320.50 No No
City of Concordia Municipal Court
$27.50 Court Costs      Fingerprints Fine Pay Prior? Excess Rev
Offense Ord. No. Ord. No./OCN        
     Minor Purchasing Tobacco 210.2120. 407.933-001N20015599.0 N $255.50 No No
Misc.-Selling of Farm Products Upon Streets 210.2220. ORDIN.0-175N20005599.0 N $95.50 Yes No
Juvenile Evening Curfew-Juvenile Curfew 211.020. 575.145-001Y20164899.0 N $65.50 No No
     Parental Resp to Enforce Curfew 210.030. ORDIN.0-347Y20003899.0 Y $130.50 No No
Nuisance-Nuisance Affecting Health 215.010. ORDIN.0-174N20035599.0 N $95.50 No Yes
     Animal Waste Prohibited 215.020. ORDIN.0-008N20005599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Barbed wire/electric fences prohibited 215.022 ORDIN.0-175N20005599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
    Stagnant and Foul Water 215.025. ORDIN.0-175N20005599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Abandoning Vehicle, Vessel or Trailer on public or private property 215.040. ORDIN.0-165N20005599.0 N $130.50 No Yes
     Open Storage of Inoperable Vehicles 215.050. ORDIN.0-160N20005499.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Obstructing the Flow of Traffic Prohibited 215.060. ORD300.0-131N20215499.0 N $50.50 No Yes
     Towing of Abandoned Property on Public Real Property 215.070. 304.158-001N19965499.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Towing of Abandoned Property on Private Real Property 215.080. 304.158-001N19965499.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Restriction on Tow Trucks 215.100. ORD301.0-001N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
Weeds, High Grass or other Vegetation 215.120. ORDIN.0-170N20005599.0 N $95.50 Yes Yes
Solid Waste-Household Trash regulations 230.030. ORDIN.0-167N20005599.0 N $65.50 No Yes
Parks/Rec/City Lake-Regulations to be Obeyed-entering water, litter, intoxication, disorderly 235.020. ORDIN.0-285N20002999.0 N $35.50 Yes No
     Fishing, boating, hunting regulations 235.050. ORDIN.0-285N20002999.0 N $35.50 Yes No
     Off-road Vehicle travel restricted-Infraction only 235.060. ORDIN.0-018N20005499.0 N $149.50 Yes Yes
     Waterfowl Season provisions 235.070. /ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $65.50 No No
     Trespassing and Hours 235.130. ORDIN.0-284N20165799.0 N $130.50 No No
Enforcement of Traffic Regs-Fail to Obey Police/Fire 310.020. ORDIN.0-257N20005099.0 N $380.50 No No
     Roller Skates, Toy Vehicles, Skateboards, etc. not allowed on Streets 310.040. ORDIN.0-279N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Failure to Yield to ER Vehicle 310.060. ORD300.0-041N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
     Failure to Proceed W/ Caution ER Vehicle 310.0602. ORD300.0-042N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
     Misuse of Sirens or ER Lights 310.080. ORD300.0-072N20215499.0 N $80.50 No Yes
     Failure to Notify of Accident 310.090. ORDIN.0-248N20005499.0 N $190.50 No No
     Leaving Scene of Accident 310.130. ORDIN.0-234Y20005499.0 Y $320.50 No No
Traffic Control Devices-Failure to Obey Traffic Device or Sign 315.030. ORD300.0-011N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Red Light Violation 315.060. ORD300.0-012N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Turned on Red Where Prohibited 315.0603. ORD304.0-092N202215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Fail to Stop on Steady Red Signal 315.060A. ORD300.0-017N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Entered Lane With Red Signal 315.060C. ORD304.0-09N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Fail to Yield to Pedestrian 315.070. ORD300.0-034N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Fail to Stop at Flashing Red Signal 315.080. ORD300.0-016N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Fail to Proceed W/ Caution 315.0802. ORD300.0-021N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Interference with Official Traffic Control Devices or Signals 315.110. 304.321-002N19755499.0 N $65.50 Yes Yes
     Improper Lane Usage 315.150. ORD304.0-112N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Weaving in Traffic 315.150C. ORD304.0-007N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
Speeding-Speeding 320.030. ORD304.0-406N20215499.0 N see chart Yes Yes
     Drove Slow Speed Impede Traffic 320.040. ORD300.0-101N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
Turning Movements-Failed to be in Proper Lane for Left Turn 325.010. ORD300.0-102N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Illegal/Improper Turning 325.020. ORD304.0-091N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Made U Turn at Intersection 325.030. ORD304.0-073N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     U-Turn where prohibited 325.040. ORD304.0-072N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Limitations on Turning Around-Interfering with Other Traffic 325.050. ORD304.0-071N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
One Way Streets/Alleys-Drove Wrong Direction on Street 330.020. ORD304.0-041N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Drove Wrong Way-Threat of Accident 330.0202. ORDIN.0121-N20005499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
 Stop & Yield Violations-Failed to Yield in Intersection 335.030. ORD300.0-033N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Stop/Yield Sign Violation 335.040. ORD300.0-014N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Fail to Slow at Yield Sign 335.060. ORD304.0-131N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Yield for Yield Sign 335.060A. ORD300.0-032N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
Misc. Driving Rules-Following emergency vehicle too closely 340.010. ORDIN.0-096N20005499.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Interfering with Funeral Procession 340.030. ORDIN.0-386N20007399.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Improper Backing 340.070. ORD304.0-006N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Bicycle, skateboard, motorized bicycle sidewalk limitations 340.100. ORDIN.0-279N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Failure to Stay on Pavement 340.110. ORDIN>0-125N20035499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     All-Terrain Vehicle regulations 340.115. ORD301.0-021N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Careless and Imprudent Driving  340.150. ORDIN.0-028N20005499.0 N $85.50 No Yes
     Turn From Direct Course When Unsafe-Turn/Change Lanes 340.1501. ORD304.0-121N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Drive on Right Side of Road When Sufficient Width 340.160. ORD304.0-061N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Drive on Right Side of Road When Sufficient Width-Threat of Accident 340.1601. ORD304.0-062N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Drive in Single Lane 340.160C. ORD304.0-051N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Passing Regulations-Overtaking and Passing of Vehicles 340.170. ORD304.0-115N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
     Change Lanes When Unsafe 340.1701. ORD304.0-081N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Drive to Left W/I 100 Ft Bridge/Viaduct/Tunnel When View Obstructed 340.1702. ORD304.0-013N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
     Drove Center Lane-3 Lane-Threat of Accident 340.1703. ORD304.0-032N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Change Lanes-Threat of Accident 340.1704. ORD304.0-082N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Pass Vehicle on Right/Travel off Main Portion of Road 340.170A. ORD304.0-114N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
     Drove in Center of 3 Lane when View Obstructed 340.170C. ORD304.0-031N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Drove on Left Side When View Obstructed by Hill/Curve 340.170D. ORD304.0-012N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
     Cut in on Overtaken Vehicle 340.170E. ORD300.0-051N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
     Increased Speed While Being Passed 340.17A2. ORD300.0-053N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
    Turn Signal use required 340.180. ORD304.0-093N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
      Failure to  Stop for School Bus 340.190. ORD304.0-134N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
      Failure to Yield the Right-of-way 340.200. ORD300.0-031N20215499.0 N $60.50 No Yes
     Failed to Yield When Vehicle Approaching Turning Left 340.200A. ORD300.0-039N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Yield to Vehicleon Right Entering Intersection Same Time 340.200B. ORD300.0-038N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Failed to Yield to Approaching Vehicle When Turning Left into Drive/Alley 340.200D ORD300.0-036N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
      Following another Vehicle too closely 340.210. ORD304.0-101N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Truck ver 18K lbs Follow Too Close 340.2101. ORD304.0-103N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
     Follw Bus/Truck Closer Than 300 Feet 340.2102. ORD304.0-102N20215499.0 N $130.50 Yes Yes
     Endanger ER Responder 340.220. ORDIN.0-304.894-002N20135499.0 N $95.50 No Yes
Alcohol Related Traffic Offenses-Driving While Intoxicated 342.020. ORDIN.0-085Y20005404.0 Y $445.50 No No
     Driving With Excessive BAC 342.030. ORDIN.0-080Y20005499.0 Y $445.50 No No
     Open Container While Driving 342.050. ORDIN.0-183N20034199.0 N $190.50 No No
Method of Parking-Parking Too Close To Curb-Max. 18" 350.010. ORDIN.0-267N20005499.0 N $65.50 Yes No
Parking, Standing, Stopping Prohibited in Specified Places 355.010. ORDIN.0-032N20007399.0 N $20.00 Yes Yes
     Parking Not To Obstruct Traffic 355.020. ORDIN.0-242N20035499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Parking in Alleys Not Permissible 355.030. ORDIN.0-270N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
      Parking of Sale / Repair Vehicle in Public ROW 355.040. ORDIN.0-271N20005499.0 N $15.50 Yes Yes
     Parking Adjacent to Schools 355.050. ORDIN.0-264N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Parking Prohibited on Narrow Streets (No Parking Areas) 355.060. ORDIN.0-269N20005499.0 N $15.50 Yes Yes
     No Stopping, Standing or Parking Near Hazardous or Congested Places 335.090. ORDIN.0-265N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
      Disabled Parking reserved  355.100. ORDIN.0-265N20005499.0 N $100.50 Yes Yes
     Stop, Stand or Park in Passenger Curb Loading Zone (3 Minutes max.) 360.030. ORDIN.0-032N20007399.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
      Parking Prohibited at all times on Certain Streets (infraction) 365.030. ORDIN.0-269N20005499.0 N $20.00 Yes Yes
      Trailers restricted from parking on residential streets 365.080. ORDIN.0-271N20005499.0 N $45.50 Yes Yes
Vehicle Equipment-Driving without lights  380.010. ORD304.0-161N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Headlamp on Motor Vehicles-2 Required except Motorcycles (Headlight Out) 380.020. 307.045-001N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Failure to Dim Lights 380.040. ORD304.0-163N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Defective Equipment 380.050. ORD307.0-021N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Auxiliary Lamps-not to exceed 3 mounted on front  380.060. 307.080-001N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Cowl, Fender, Running Board and Backup Lamps 380.070. 307.085-002N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Colors of Various Lamps-Restriction of Red Lights 380.090. 307.095-003N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Limit on Lamps Other Than Headlamps-Flashing Signals Prohibited (except of specified Vehicles) 380.100. 307.105-002N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Limitation on Total of Lamps Lighted at One Time 380.110. 307.105-002N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Defective or Excessively Loud Equipment 380.140. ORDIN.0-166N20005599.0 N $75.50 Yes Yes
     Loads Which Might Become Dislodged To Be Secured 380.150. 307.010-001N20105499.0 N $65.50 Yes Yes
     Seat Belt Violation 380.170. ORD300.0-129N20215499.0 N $10.00 Yes Yes
     Child Under 80 Lbs No Child Restraint 380.1704. ORD300.0-122N20215499.0 N $10.00 Yes Yes
     Child Under 8 Not Restrained 380.1705. ORD300.0-124N20215499.0 N $10.00 Yes Yes
     Window Tinting Regulations 380.180. 307.173-001N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Motorcyclists required to wear helmets (Infraction) 380.190. ORD300.0-003N20215499.0 N $25.00 Yes Yes
     Studded Tires Prohibited between April 1-November 1 380.200. 307.171-001N19965499.0 N $45.50 Yes Yes
     Metal-Tired vehicles restricted on city streets 380.210. 304.250-001N19965499.0 N $45.50 Yes Yes
     Passengers in truck beds restricted 380.220. ORDIN.0-151N20005499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
     Altering Passenger Vehicle by Raising Front or Rear of Vehicle-Bumpers Required 380.230. 307.172-001N20105499.0 N $35.50 Yes Yes
Bicycles-Violation of Bicycles and Motorized Bicycles 385.080. ORD300.0-002N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     License required for motorized bikes 385.090. ORD300.0-001N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
Utility Vehicles-Operate ATV w/o Valid License 387.030. ORD301.0-026N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Required Equipment Regs 387.070. ORD301.0-024N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Operate ATV Carrying a Passenger 387.0801. ORD301.0-023N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Unlawful to Operate ATV on Highway 387.0804. ORDIN.0-013N20005499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Operate ATV Over 30MPH 387.0805. ORD301.0-022N20215499.0 N $60.50 Yes Yes
     Operate ATV in Stream or River 387.0806. ORD301.0-025N20215499.0 N $149.50 Yes Yes
     Helmet Reqd on ATV for Under 18 Years of Age 387.0808. ORD301.0-029N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Equipment Violation 387.150. ORD307.0-022N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
Licensing Requirements-Driving While Suspended/Revoked 390.010. ORDIN.0-046Y20005499.0 Y $200.00 No No
Expired Driver's License 390.020. ORD301.0-003Y20215499.0 Y $50.50 No No
     Operate Motorcycle W/O License-2nd Offense 390.0202. ORD302.0-012N20215499.0 N $70.50 Yes Yes
     Prohibited Uses of License-including age  390.030. ORDIN.0-048N20005499.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Operate Husbandry Sunset to Sunrise 390.040. ORD304.0-124N20215499.0 N $80.50 Yes Yes
     Failure to Register Vehicle  390.045. ORD301.0-012N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Improper Display of Plates 390.060. ORD301.0-014N20215499.0 N $50.50 No Yes
    Unauthorized Use of Plates 390.070. ORD301.0-015N20215499.0 N $50.50 No Yes
     Transfer of Certificate of Ownership Upon Sale of Vehicle 390.100. 301.210-001N20095499.0 N $50.50 No Yes
     Expired Plates 390.110. ORD301.0-011N20215499.0 N $50.50 Yes Yes
     Financial Responsibility Required 390.140. ORDIN.0-041N20045499.0 N $130.50 No Yes
     Display of False Insurance 390.150. 303.024-002N20092699.0 N $130.50 No Yes
     Invalid Insurance Card 390.160. 303.024-001Y20092699.0 Y $130.50 No Yes
Building Regulations-Violations and Penalties (House Numbers) 500.050. ORDIN.0-173N20005599.0 N $10.00 Yes Yes
Dangerous Buildings-Violations-Disregarding Notices or Orders 505.120. ORDIN.0-173N20005599.0 N $95.50 No Yes
Property Maintenance-Exterior Property Area kept unclean, unsafe or unsanitary 515.040. ORDIN.0-285N20002999.0 N $65.50 No Yes
     Rubbish and Garbage Accumulation Prohibited  515.060. ORDIN.0-285N20002999.0 N $65.50 No Yes
Alcoholic Beverages-License to Sell Alcohol Required 600.020. ORDIN.0-177N20004199.0 N $255.50 No No
     Selling Alcohol Outside Required Times 600.030. ORDIN.0-178N20004199.0 N $255.50 No No
     MIP/Sell/Supply Alcohol to Minors 600.060. ORDIN.0-186Y20034199.0 Y $190.50 No No
     Consuming Alcohol in Public 600.061. ORDIN.0-182N20034199.0 N $65.50 No No
     False ID To Purchase Alcohol 600.075. 570.223-007Y20052699.0 Y $95.50 Yno No
Business Regulations-Merchant License Requirements 605.090. ORDIN.0-176N20007399.0 N $95.50 No No
Peddlers-Solicitor's License Required 615.030. ORDIN.0-176N20007399.0 N $95.50 No No
     Violation of any Provisions in Peddlers, Canvassers and Transient Merchants Requirements 615.150. ORDIN.0-178N20007399.0 N $95.50 No No
Home Occ-Home Occupation License  630.010. ORDIN.0-176N20007399.0 N $95.50 No No
31 MPH or more over requires an appearance
Speeding: Fine w/cc
1-5 MPH $50.50 $78.00
6-10 MPH $60.50 $88.00
11-15 MPH $70.50 $98.00
16-19 MPH $100.50 $128.00
20-25 MPH $155.50 $183.00
26 MPH $220.50 $248.00
27MPH $230.50 $258.00
28 MPH $240.50 $268.00
29 MPH $255.50 $283.00
30 MPH $270.50 $298.00